SimpleMoney4U is for informational purposes only. The purpose of the website is to give individuals simple money management and personal credit advice.
The one (1) thing that I have realized that controls your money is YOUR MINDSET. It’s not how much money you make, it’s how much money you spend. Anyone that has an income that can provide the basics that are needed to survive in our society (U.S.A.) will always have what is NEEDED.

Our society is full of wants and desires; we see them on television, we see them walking down the street, we see them next door, we see them everywhere. Big houses, expensive cars, designer clothes along with many other things are flashed everywhere for everyone to see. It is nothing wrong with having any of that as long as you can afford them. YOUR MINDSET controls everything you do. This website is about personal finance and credit so let’s focus on them.

Having a budget and sticking to it as closely as possible makes life a lot easier. YOUR MINDSET controls your budget. Let me rephrase having a budget that takes care of the correct percentages for retirement, essentials and emergency/large purchase funds and sticking to it makes life a lot easier.

Your money and your credit are inseparable, so it’s best to protect them like a newborn baby. Many people don’t believe in obtaining credit, but most of us will not have enough money to make major purchases such as homes and automobiles with cash. Its best to have the highest credit score possible when you are ready to make those major purchases, so that you will borrow money at the lowest interest rate possible which will save you money.

Please take the time to explore our website, it will give you insight into the basics of managing your personal finance and the importance of good credit.